Security Services
Security services are pivotal for preserving your property and preventing unwanted trespassers from damaging the structure in any way. A number of safeguards are offered by Beri Property Services, Inc. to help ensure the safety of your property, including rekey or lock changes, and general securing.
Rekey/Lock Changes
Changing or replacing the locks on the property ensures that any undesired entry does not occur. If a previous owner or renter still has a key to the property, Beri Property Services, Inc. will rekey or change the locks to ensure the property is safe and secure.
Window Boarding/Re-glazing
Vandals will often approach a structure and attempt to gain entry through broken windows. Beri Property Services, Inc. understands that it is important to secure these entry points by either boarding them or replacing their window panes (re-glazing).
Security Doors
In the event that a door is damaged beyond repair, a low cost alternative to replacing the door is to install a basic security door where neighborhood conditions warrant. Security doors provide immediate security to a potential trespass situation alleviating client stress of unsecured openings for extended periods of time.
Pool Securing
Securing a pool often sits at the top of the list when it comes to liability. Accidents can happen and nobody wants to be responsible for a child gaining access to a vacant pool. To ensure the security of any pool, typical steps can include draining, fencing, boarding, tarping and possibly the removal of the pool.
General Securing
After a property is deemed vacant, Beri Property Services, Inc. will take the necessary steps to make sure the structure is secure and adequately protected. Some of these services include boarding of windows and doors, securing detached garages and sheds, as well as pools and hot tubs.
Beri Property Services, Inc. provides regular inspections to determine if any damage has come to the property. These inspections also account for any existing or current damages and debris in or around the property.