Property Rehabilitation
It is important to make any necessary improvements to your property so it meets all safety regulations. It is just as important to keep your property well-maintained so that both the interior and exterior of the structure uphold an attractive appearance for visitors, inspectors and potential buyers. Beri Property Services, Inc. offers a full range of Property Rehabilitation services.
Our staff and contractors will ensure that your lawns and landscaping meet all local ordinances, as well as enhance the curb appeal of your property. Something as simple as keeping your grass cut not only helps your property look nice, but also reduces your risk of any code violations, warnings or even fines.
Beri Property Services, Inc. offers a number of remodeling and refurbishing services, including drywall, plumbing, electrical, painting, siding, bathrooms, kitchens, flooring and more. Contact us if you have a question about any other property remodeling services that you require.
Hazard Abatement
No homeowner or property owner wants to deal with legal action resulting from an unsafe environment. Beri Property Services, Inc. will take all necessary steps to create a hazard abatement plan to remove any risk of danger in and around your property.