Property Inspection
A thorough property inspection is your first step toward uncovering any potential issues that could affect the safety, value or overall condition of the property. Beri Property Services, Inc. offers a number of different types of inspections -- interior, exterior, occupancy, no-contact, full-service, etc. -- to help you assess the various conditions present at the property.
Interior Inspection
Interior inspections consist of thorough examinations of the interior conditions of the property and include assessments of debris/personal property, vandal damages, systems checks, mold testing, asbestos, lead based paint, etc. These inspections are crucial to fully understand the scope of work necessary to repair the property to habitable conditions.
Exterior Inspection
These inspections assess the exterior condition of the property. They include assessments of the roof, yard, siding, structure, and any potential code violations while comparing the home to neighborhood conditions. Exterior inspections are necessary to ensure that a property meets local ordinances, is maintained and free of damages, and compares with neighboring homes.
Specialized Inspections
In addition to general interior and exterior inspections, Beri Property Services, Inc. performs occupancy verifications, specialized systems inspections, and any other client requested inspections service.